Bespoke Cluster - Marbled Bone China Pendant

Bespoke Cluster - Marbled Bone China Pendant

We were contacted by Damian and his wife who were in the process of building a new house and wanted a statement light to be hung from ceiling of their hall way and down the staircase.

They came to us with a vision of exactly what they wanted and asked if we could do it. The task was to create 7 bone China tubes, with a marbled effect. Designed to specific measurements and lengths, we had to hand turn a new plaster model on the lathe to the right measurements so when the final bone China cast had shrunk during its firing, it would be exactly the right size.


We were also requested to create a bespoke ceiling plate. We worked with illumination lighting to fabricate the custom ceiling plate, which was powder coated in a pale bronze chosen by the customer.


 The configuration of the drops chosen by the customer. Creating unique views depending on the angle the lighting is viewed from.

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