Laverick & Son is a British Lighting brand founded in 2017 by Father and Son ceramic designer/makers Tony Laverick and Jack Laverick. Working from their studio just outside of Stoke On Trent, England, the pottery and ceramic manufacturing heartland of England known locally as the potteries, Tony and Jack design and craft every light with their own hands.

Tony Laverick is one of the Britains leading ceramic studio potters with a career stretching back over 30 years. He is renowned for his skillful use of porcelain and complex use of glazes and lustres.

Jack Laverick is part of the new generation of ceramic designers & makers using clay to produce contemporary and on-trend designs for the home and has amassed a large portfolio of stockists in the United Kingdom and internationally over the last 4 years.

Luxurious and functional, Laverick & Sons designs are made to stand the test of time. Using traditional manufacturing methods, the pair have brought their skills and ideas together to create a collection of exquisite, contemporary porcelain lighting. All of our clay is sourced locally in nearby Stoke On Trent. 

Using porcelain allows a clean simplicity to their designs, the sculptural detailing is emphasised by its brilliant translucency, to produce a beautifully soft and ambient light. Slightly warmer in hue than bone china it is the ideal material for producing a warm golden glow in any living space or interior.